At GenZ IT Solutions, technology is our passion. We exhibit creativity & innovation to transform ideas into reality through the new era of digital technologies. We believe these technologies are making unprecedented positive impact on our daily lives; it’s all changing the way we communicate, learn, shop, work and gather information. Our mission is to help you to nurture your idea and transform it in to reality through collateral digital platform solutions viz. Mobile, Web and Desktop apps. These digital platform solutions will boost your business growth by –

  • Improving customer experience mean more happy customers
  • More happy customers means more sales.
  • Increasing your customer reach mean entry into new markets
  • Improving operational efficiency mean more profit margin

We are specialized is proving digital platform solutions for education and sport sector and small industries such as food, health, agriculture etc. which will benefit from such digital transformation.


We have started with a simple philosophy that a simplest idea can be transformed in to a working solution. Living with our mission statement “transforming ideas to life”, we offer sophisticated and highly elegant app development services for individuals, small businesses as well as enterprise clients.

MAC Applications

Our innovative team develops high-quality digital solutions to solve complex tasks using various digital platforms and technologies. We adopt (recommend) appropriate platform(s) solutions as per customers business needs and (or) solution objectives. In addition to technical requirements and platform standards, we put emphasis on apt graphical interface design and security while using payment gateways. There are certain solutions that can be best suited for iOS Mac platforms to fulfil the tasks.

IOS Applications

iOS is the first choice for enterprise clients due to the many reasons but the most important one is Security. Security on mobile devices is of great concern these days, since most of us carry highly important data & documents on our mobile devices. Security has been iOS's forte. It's strong, robust & less susceptible to attacks as compared to the other platforms.

Our team deeply understands the iOS development environment, proficient in building exceptional apps for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV using a variety of available frameworks.

Android Applications

Although iOS is the first choice but Android is very popular among individuals due to the low cost and budget services on this platform.

Our team intimately understands the Android development environment, proficient not only building exceptional (and secured) apps for the smartphones, tablets and wearable’s but expertise in underlying services.

Windows Applications

The world’s dominant desktop brand still has a part to play in today’s mobile world.

Windows Mobile platform offers lot of app development opportunities since it's built on the same core Windows platform. The main advantage of this is that it's possible to create universal apps that work in both the desktop and mobile environments. Though this platform may not be attracting the same attention as Android or iOS, but will soon be competitive in years to come.

Web Applications

As the technology advances and the programming landscape changes to accommodate the world's growing technological needs, we constantly evaluate the latest trends in the development community. We enable ourselves to provide our clients the best possible development solutions.

We deliver end to end solutions accessed through desktop, web and mobile applications with best, most advanced architecture for versatility and future growth; object-oriented best practices; simplicity and a comprehensive code base. We offer clients to select an appropriate programming framework based on each client's requirements.


Our mobile application development lifecycle is built around our philosophy “Transforming ideas to life” that ensures an Idea is transformed into a working, useable and advanced solution.


We are abided by our philosophy to convert ideas then it really does not matter how trivial or how vast or vague that idea is. We offer cost effective engagement models to deliver on-time and optimum quality services. As necessary mutual non-disclosure agreement will be signed to ensure your IP remains confidential, protected and secure.


Connect to first understand your ideas and make a high level domain model. Then next step is collaboratively dissecting your requirements from a technical and user-behavior perspective.


We will define technical requirements, conceive UI designs and construct user-behavior flows to intuitively serve your target market. We would then develop a conceptual model for clearer understanding and vision of your idea.


We adopt agile development practices to develop the application components, breaking the requirements into small chunks in a logical manner and develop them in an iterative mode. This way the minor changes are absorbed and delivered without impacting the time frame.


Our team will ensure that your solution is tested appropriately, its defect free and ready to launch. We will take care of all processes associated with putting the app onto the app stores ensuring adequate post launch support as well as on going low cost maintenance and refinements.


We have been providing apps in various categories such as Education, Sports, Business, Utilities, Food, Health, Fitness and Lifestyle. Take a look!